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IPF Components for eHealth Integration Profiles

The IPF provides support for several eHealth profiles, primarily from IHE. The basic idea is to offer a Camel component for each profile transaction. These components ensure that the technical requirements of the profile are met by applications built on top of the IPF eHealth Integration Profiles support.

Receiving actors are implemented as a Camel consumer. The basic pattern is to specify the component name in the URI parameter of a from-clause at the beginning of a Camel route:

While stepping through the route, a proper response (or an Exception) must be generated that is sent back to the caller.

Sending actors are implemented as a Camel producer. The basic pattern is to specify the component name in the URI parameter of a to-clause at the end of a Camel route:

The parameters usually depend on the IHE transaction; some parameters are valid for groups of transactions, a few are even valid for all transactions (e.g. turning ATNA auditing on or off). Details are given in the respective pages linked in the table below.

The most IPF eHealth components are named according to the profile and the transaction they implements (transaction IDs and profiles relate to IHE, when not stated otherwise). A special case is the MLLP dispatcher component which allows to accept requests for multiple MLLP-based transactions through a single TCP port.

Transaction Profile Description IPF component Transport Message format
Patient Identity Feed pix-iti8
ITI-9 PIX PIX Query pix-iti9 MLLP(S) HL7v2
ITI-10 PIX PIX Update Notification pix-iti10 MLLP(S) HL7v2
ITI-14 XDS.a Register Document Set xds-iti14 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-15 XDS.a Provide & Register Document Set xds-iti15 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-16 XDS.a Query Registry xds-iti16 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-17 XDS.a Retrieve Document xds-iti17 HTTP(S) HTTP
ITI-18 XDS.a+b Registry Stored Query xds-iti18 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-19 ATNA Authenticate Node n/a n/a
ITI-20 ATNA Record Audit Event Syslog (+TLS) RFC-3881
ITI-21 PDQ Patient Demographics Query pdq-iti21 MLLP(S) HL7v2
ITI-22 PDQ Patient Demographics and Visit Query pdq-iti22 MLLP(S) HL7v2
ITI-38 XCA Cross-Gateway Query xca-iti38 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-39 XCA Cross-Gateway Retrieve xca-iti39 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
Continua HRN
Provide & Register Document Set xds-iti41 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-42 XDS.b Register Document Set xds-iti42 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-43 XDS.b Retrieve Document Set xds-iti43 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-44 PIXv3
Patient Identity Feed v3 pixv3-iti44
ITI-45 PIXv3 PIX Query v3 pixv3-iti45 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v3
ITI-46 PIXv3 PIX Update Notification v3 pixv3-iti46 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v3
ITI-47 PDQv3 Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) v3 pdqv3-iti47 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v3
ITI-51 XDS.b Multi-Patient Stored Query xds-iti51 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-55 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery xcpd-iti55 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v3
ITI-56 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Location Query xcpd-iti56 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v3
ITI-57 XDS.b Update Document Set xds-iti57 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-61 XDS.b Register On-Demand Document Entry xds-iti61 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-62 XDS.b Delete Document Set xds-iti62 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-63 XCF Cross-Gateway Fetch xcf-iti63 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
ITI-64 XPID Notify XAD-PID Link Change xpid-iti64 MLLP(S) HL7v2
RAD-69 XDS-I.b
Retrieve Imaging Document Set xdsi-rad69 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
RAD-75 XCA-I.b Cross-Gateway Retrieve Imaging Document Set xcai-rad75 SOAP/HTTP(S) ebXML
PCC-1 QED Query for Existing Data (QED) qed-pcc1 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v3
Continua WAN
Communicate Patient Care Device (PCD) Data pcd-pcd01 SOAP/HTTP(S) HL7v2
All MLLP-based * Accept requests for multiple MLLP-based transactions through a single TCP port mllp-dispatch MLLP(S) HL7v2
Custom MLLP-based * Accept requests for custom MLLP-based transactions mllp MLLP(S) HL7v2
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