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  • IPF binaries
  • IPF dependencies
  • IPF reference manual
  • IPF javadocs
  • IPF binaries
  • IPF reference manual
  • IPF javadocs
  • IPF sources

Changes compared to IPF 2.4.0

Extensions and new features

Bug fixes

  • fixed NPE in checking format codes on ITI-18 requests. Thanks to Marek Václavík for reporting
  • Added an either - or check for given parameters in ChoiceValidator
  • Avoid NPE on a XDS Response validation. Thanks to Thomas Papke for reporting.
  • Fixed missing error location in PDQv3 responses

3rd party library updates.

Please expect further updates in upcoming milestones and the release.

Other changes

Backwards incompatibilities

Extension modules

API changes

  • In the project ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp, a number of Camel-related classes like MllpEndpoint, MllpInterceptors, MllpAuditStrategy etc. have been parameterized with MllpAuditDataset to improve type safety. If you have written your own MLLP-based IHE transactions, please check your implementation.


Getting started

Reference manual



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