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IPF Karaf Feature

From the version 2.5.x IPF introduced an own Apache-Karaf feature. Please note that the IPF has been tested on the latest Karaf 2.3.3 release, therefore it is recommended to pick this download.

Karaf Configuration

Since the IPF strongly depends on the Apache-CXF functionality there are some configuration steps which you have to do in order to get the CXF up and running inside the Karaf OSGi container. Please edit the KARAF_HOME/etc/ file and in both jre-1.6 and jre-1.7 sections you need to commend out the following lines:

Note that if using the Equinox Framework as an underlying OSGi platform, please make sure that you have set these two properties in the KARAF_HOME/etc/ file:

For Apache Felix OSGi Framework please set:

Please note that Apache Felix support is available only in current IPF-2.5-SNAPSHOT, the upcoming 2.5-m2/rc1 release will be the first to include this feature.
Apache Karaf 2.3.1 has a 4.0.3 underlying version of Apache Felix. This version has still problem if running on Java 7, therefore IPF-Karaf-Feature can currently run with Apache Felix OSGi Framework on Java 6 only!

Karaf Maven Repository

The following steps will add the missing IPF and Apache Maven repositories to the list of Karaf's default repositories.

Edit the KARAF_HOME/etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg file and update the value for defaultRepositories:

Feature Install

Please note that the Karaf Commands may vary between different Karaf versions. See this link for the full list of available Karaf 2.3.x Commands.

To add the URL for the IPF Karaf feature location please run the following command from the Karaf Console:

Then you are able to start the IPF feature by running:

Then you may also try one of our tutorials like OSGi-tutorial or OSGi-IHE-tutorial:

IPF Karaf feature currently contributes to the Karaf-Console with following additional commands:

  • ipf:listextensions → printout of all available Groovy Extension Methods
  • ipf:listmappings → printout of all Mappings registered on IPF's Mapping Service
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