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* [Switch to slf4j as logging framework|]
* [IPF-feature|IPF Karaf Feature] for [Apache-Karaf|] provided
* Updated HITSP C32 support from version 2.4 to v2.5
* Preliminary [support|] for [MDHT 1.2|]. Camel extensions (DataFormat, TypeConverter, Validator) for handling of MDHT CDA documents, including CCDA (consolidated CDA).

h3. Bug fixes

h3. 3rd party library [updates|]. Expect further updates in upcoming milestones and the release.
* ehCache to 2.6.5
* Spring Framework to 3.1.3.RELEASE
* Apache CXF to 2.7.3
* Groovy to 2.1.1
* MDHT to 1.2

h3. Other changes